Will doing the right thing in business kill you?


“The puzzle that I was trying to understand was that most companies which are widely regarded as unassailable, are to be found, a decade or two later, in the middle of the pack or at the bottom of the heap…. how was it that even the smartest people find success so hard to sustain? I reached the strangest conclusion, that there truly is an innovator’s dilemma. ‘Doing the right thing’ will kill you.” – Professor Clayton Christensen.

Whether your business is a leader in it’s field, or you want to reach the top, most companies will at some point be faced with tough decisions to make to ensure they maintain their success.

This November, join the Business Influentials series where Professor Christensen will be speaking in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, and will broach this very topic.

Are you and you business asking yourself these very questions right now?