A Jobless Recovery: Christensen’s Mould Breaking Theories


Earlier in the month, Professor Clayton Christensen addressed Britain’s most influential business leaders and senior treasury figures at the Royal Society of Arts in London, where he spoke as the guest of honour.

Professor Christensen conveyed his ideas on how companies can become more successful innovators and also addressed the concern’s facing the United Kingdom in terms of their recent economic growth. Professor Christensen’s advice on how to create more stable growth while avoiding a ‘jobless recovery’ resonated with the notable attendees. Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who was eager to discuss Christensen’s ideas regarding job creation, shared this enthusiastic response.

Patterns of Jobless recoveries are not only relevant to the UK and the USA, as Australian and New Zealand governments are faced with the same dilemma. Some of Clayton’s theories, which are to be published next year in his new book The Capitalists Dilemma, will be shared with interested attendees at the upcoming Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne Business Influentials series prior to its release.

Read more about the relevance and impact of the Professor’s ideas and the British response, outlined in a Telegraph article published in September this year, here.