The Business Influentials welcomes Gary Hamel to Australia this December!


The influential and iconoclastic business guru, Gary Hamel will put forward his impassioned plea to Australian leaders to REINVENT MANAGEMENT in two exclusive full-day seminars across Melbourne and Sydney.

Listed by The Journal of Business Strategy as one of the 20th century’s most influential business thinkers, Hamel’s groundbreaking concepts have transformed business strategies and management practices around the world. An authority on innovative management, Hamel has proven to be an instrumental force of change in how businesses are run and organisations function.

A regular contributor to a range of publications, Hamel’s landmark books and articles have set precedence for management strategists, profoundly altering the landscape of the modern corporate structure.

In his latest work WHAT MATTERS NOW, he puts forward his five paramount issues facing modern organisations. His multi-faceted agenda for building organisations that can win in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition, and unstoppable innovation includes an impassioned call to reinvent management.

“The management principles in our organisations are legacies, hand me downs from gurus, ex-CEOs, management thinkers, who are mostly long dead, long retired…And it is THEIR view of management that is still driving our organisations. It’s TIME to change it and I’d like to talk about why…” – Gary Hamel

The management model that developed out of the industrialisation era has since been the cornerstone of virtually every large scale human organisation, allowing for high precision, discipline, replicability, stability, and reliability. While the issue of productivity and efficiency at scale are still crucial for modern organisations, new challenges have emerged in the business landscape which need urgent address:

  • Rapidly accelerating pace of change
  • Hyper-competition
  • Commoditisation of knowledge
  • Ever-escalating demands for social accountability

For organisations to keep up and avoid irrelevance they need to be constantly innovating. To do this, organisations need to be creative, malleable and passion-filled to fuel innovation at every level. Top-down management systems, by their very nature stifle the innovative potential of employees.

Management is now seriously out of date. Management as the way we are practicing it right now is simply not up to the challenges that lie ahead, and unless we can reinvent management, every bit as dramatically as we have reinvented our products or our operating model… companies are not going to succeed in the years ahead.” – Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel will challenge the fundamental building blocks in today’s management and reveal the potential for more adaptable, agile, innovative and purpose driven organisations.

This December, join the Business Influentials series, where Gary Hamel will be giving two exclusive full-day seminars in Melbourne and Sydney.

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