2nd Road’s CEO to Join Roger Martin in the Panel Discussion at the 2015 Business Influentials Series


Roger Martin is speaking at the 2015 Business Influentials series in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney this July. Roger is the Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management and the Premier’s Chair in Productivity & Competitiveness.

His influential work on Design Thinking, Integrative Thinking, Strategy Innovation and Competitiveness and Prosperity has made him one of the most respected and in-demand strategy advisers worldwide.

Roger is a trusted strategy mentor to the CEOs of companies including:


Tony Golsby-Smith will be joining Roger Martin on stage for the panel discussion at the 2015 Business Influentials series in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

Tony Golsby-Smith is the Founder and CEO of 2nd Road, a strategic innovation consultancy that has pioneered the use of design thinking in solving complex organisational problems. His firm specialises in delivering enterprise-wide innovation, crafting strategy and aligning leaders through high-level conversation and creating new value propositions and business models through disciplined co-design.

2nd Road play at the intersection of 3 major fields of professional practice


The facilitated panel discussion will include Roger Martin, Tony Golsby-Smith and a case study organisation.


The Business Influentials series will be held in New Zealand and Australia

Auckland, July 21 | Melbourne, July 23 | Sydney, July 24

For more information and programme details, visit www.businessinfluentials.com