The Business Influentials Welcomes Gary Hamel to Auckland on May 27!

Listed by The Journal of Business Strategy as one of the 20th century’s most influential business thinkers, Hamel’s groundbreaking concepts have transformed business strategies and management practices around the world. An authority on innovative management, Hamel has proven to be an instrumental force of change in how businesses are run and organisations function. A regular contributor to a range of publications,Hamel’s landmark books and articles have set precedence for management strategists, profoundly …

How Do You Measure Performance In Management?

Marcus Buckingham, the founder of TMBC presented a commentary on what defines performance in management in his recent Harvard Business Review post ‘Trouble with the Curve? Why Microsoft is Ditching Stack Rankings’.   Microsoft’s announcement that it was doing away with its historic ‘stack ranking’, and even more surprisingly, it’s decision to discontinue measuring performance through ratings, prompted Buckingham to examine why? What is failing in performance management systems that …

Clayton Christensen ranked Thinkers50 Number 1. Again.

Thinkers50, considered the Oscars of management thinking has again announced Professor Clayton Christensen as the winner of the Thinkers50 Winners Award. This is Professor Christensen’s second time winning the prestigious award, the first being in 2011. The award aims to “identify, rank and share” the top management thinking in the world.   Started in 2001, previous winners include Peter Drucker, credited by BusinessWeek as “the man who invented …

“The greatest companies are willing to disrupt themselves” – Michael Lippert

Michael Lippert, Baron Fund’s Vice President and Portfolio Manager of the Baron Opportunity fund, talked to the Forbes staff about his company’s focus on investing in innovative businesses that are disrupting their industries. “In the years that I’ve been investing, when I look at businesses, either they innovate or they stagnate.”  Companies across almost every industry are faced with disruptive technologies or services; Michael puts forward his thoughts on who the …

Damien Tampling joins Simon Cant and Clive Whincup as Keynote speakers for the Melbourne Business Influentials Event

Liberty Stage is pleased to announce Damien Tampling, joining Simon Cant, and Clive Whincup as the Keynote speakers for the Melbourne Business Influentials Event with Professor Clayton Christensen on November 7th. We can also announce that Brian Hartzer, Andrew Bassat and Alan Kohler will join Professor Clayton Christensen on the panel which will be facilitated by Simon Cant. (more…)

Simon Cant, Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, and Clive Whincup announced as Keynote speakers for Sydney Business Influentials Event

Liberty Stage is pleased to announce Simon Cant, Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, and Clive Whincup as the Keynote speakers for the Sydney Business Influentials Event with Professor Clayton Christensen on November 6th. We are also pleased to announce that Clive Whincup, Matt Symons, and David Kirk will join Professor Clayton Christensen on the panel discussion which will be facilitated by Simon Cant. (more…)

“Be willing to murder your business” – Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ recipe for disruption

The recent article The Jeff Bezos Recipe for Disruption – Don’t want to be Kodak? Be willing to murder your business published on, discusses how Clayton Christensen’s ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ inspired Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to embrace innovative strategies, even if the end result destroyed his core business. Jeff Bezos’s order to “proceed as if your goal is to put everyone selling books out of a job”, may seem …

Disruptive Innovation explained

If you don’t know what ‘disruptive innovation’ is then you best watch this video of Professor Clayton Christensen explaining a term he coined in the early nineties. ‘Disruptive innovation’ has never been more relevant then what it is today due to the rapid advancements in technology across all business categories. (more…)

The Capitalist’s Dilemma

In his recent address as the guest of honour at the Royal Society of Arts in London, Clayton explored the issues of a lack of economic and employment growth following recent recessions. In his speech, Clayton described the shifting dynamic between finance and management and the impact this can have on business management strategies. (more…)