Disruptive Innovation explained

If you don’t know what ‘disruptive innovation’ is then you best watch this video of Professor Clayton Christensen explaining a┬áterm he coined in the early nineties. ‘Disruptive innovation’ has never been more relevant then what it is today due to the rapid advancements in technology across all business categories. (more…)

The Capitalist’s Dilemma

In his recent address as the guest of honour at the Royal Society of Arts in London, Clayton explored the issues of a lack of economic and employment growth following recent recessions. In his speech, Clayton described the shifting dynamic between finance and management and the impact this can have on business management strategies. (more…)

Clayton Christsensen asks the question “How will You Measure your Life?” (TEDx Boston)

“It’s actually really important that you succeed at what you’re succeeding at, but that isn’t going to be the measure of your life.” – Clayton Christenson Last year, Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and world-renowned innovation guru, spoke as part of the acclaimed Ted Talks Series, specifically about the daily decisions that define our lives and encourages all of us to think about what is truly important.